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Forge the Best Gems

Infinity Blade 2 620x 300x199 Forge the Best Gems

How to forge pretty darn good gems

Rainbow Defense Gem Recipe

Fire + Ice + Water = Light
Shock + Poison + Wind = Dark

1. + 2. + any hex gem = Rainbow All Defense Gem

Pro Tips:

All gems within the first two steps are triangle defense gems
The order matters (e.g. Ice + Water + Fire won’t work)
In the final forge, you have to use a forged Light and Dark defense gem from the first couple of steps
Standard store bought or price gems won’t work — true only if you are in the stage which demand a Light and a Dark defense gem
Any hex gem? Yes, any hex gem

How to forge pretty darn good gems

1. Wear gear that enables for Drop Gems, suit up these Drop Gems normally as you can

2. Acquire 7+ gems from sources like Clashmobs, chests, the store, foes, etc. Higher value the higher son!

3. Use the gem forge and combine each of the gems, at this time the max gold value is $500,000

4. Done right you’ll forge one hell of an gem, perhaps a Poison Attack +258 valued with the legendary $500,000 price tag, much less shabby eh?

5. Technically, you’re done. In case you ask, “what shall I do?” Easy, two options, sell it or equip it — you choose!

How is magic damage calculated in Infinity Blade 2?

Here is a pretty good formula I got that predicts how much damage you could deal based on 1. the number shown on your ring 2. your total magic stats shown on the character page. TRY IT!!!! IT IS INCREDIBLY ACCURATE. You could use it to decide whether or not you should put more stats into magic


-> Base(n) depends on the tier of your ring, ranging from 1 (High Storm, Worm Hole etc.) to 8 (Diruel). Here are its values
Base(1): 100
Base(2): 300
Base(3): 500
Base(4): 1000
Base(5): 2000
Base(6): unknown
Base(7): (only Devotion & Cog): 3500
Base(8): (only Diruel):4000
 How is magic damage calculated in Infinity Blade 2?
-> “log(magic stats)” refers to the natural logarithm of your magic stats. Here is a website that helps you calculate lagorithms. Choose Number Base = e and click “Enter”


So for example, if you are currently using Diruel, and has a character with 188 total magic stats (gems+xp stats+stats on helmet etc.), you would deal approximately
BASE(8) * (0.657 * LOG(188) – 1.096)
= 4000*(0.657 * 5.2364 – 1.096)
=9377 damage (In reality, you would deal 9580)

Infinity Blade II Get ClashMob Update

Meanwhile, direct Sequel Infinity Blade II received an update patch ClashMob new add-on.

In the patch notes for 1.1.1, president mentioned that the main focus of the update was to address a bug that prevented some players to claim their rewards ClashMob.

In addition, the update aims to address several other issues mysterious, anonymous reported by players who have chosen to engage in gameplay ClashMob.

Infinity Blade II: ClashMob brings a plethora of new updates to the popular iOS sword fighting series. Developer and Chair Co-founder stops by to chat about all the updates, including the globally social battle mode, ClashMob, featuring dynamic challenges that will test your strategic mettle.

Download here:



At the start of the game When You see the title, You Can Defeat an opponent Immediately At The Beginning. Then move forward to the bridge in front of House Ix. Another enemy is waiting on the bridge. After defeating it, enter the wide doors Into this dark hallway. Defeat the guard, then enter a courtyard-like area with a huge statue. Go Forward Where Will leap year opponent before you. Defeat it and enter the wide doors Into the tower with a clock in the broad back. Continue Towards the stairs Where There Will Be Year opponent nearby. Afterwards walk up the stars, and You Will enter a hallway near a veranda. There Will Be one more guard. Defeat HIM, then go to the right. Will the stairs lead to the top of the tower, where ‘You Will battle Thane. After history and defeat you commit suicide, It Will start again. This Time you Have to defeat Three sentinels then go back to Thane.

Infinity Blade II Cheats & Tips

infinity blade 2 tips 300x224 Infinity Blade II Cheats & Tips
Here are some Tips for Infinity Blade to get Easy Money!

easy money
First you want to pass the tutorial and i recommend beating the game but you don’t have too. Next you buy some moderate gear then you hit restart rebirth 1. Make sure you don’t hit reset character. Then you click the arrows by the infinity blade, you want to have at least 50,000 dollars. Next you beat Saydhi and hit inventory and equip your sword and sell the infinity blade don’t worry you will still be able to put the infinity blade in the slot and keep repeating this. Also if you just started try to save enough money to unequipe the water gem and then if you just started your going to need approximately 130,000 dollars to unequipe the gem. (Also you might keep the armor, shield, and helmet but you might not and to do that you only sell the infinity blade.) Hope you guys enjoyed the tip.

Water gem
How to keep a water gem without loosing it after tutorial?
the +100 water attack gem which is given to you in the beginning of tutorial. Put the gem into your inventory as soon as you get the gem. Otherwise you will loss it after you finish the tutorial, then go straight to rebirth.

Leave a Comment, If you have Tips or Cheats to share with other Gamers!

A Devastating Set of Combos

Infinity Blade Combo 1 A Devastating Set of Combos
“Hit” types often displayed when you’ve rallied on a Titan during a dizzy spell? Word, you should have playa!

In case your digits of destruction are working like some skin on a Friday night off PCH and have not noticed the ma-lay they’ve let lose than we’ll provide some support.

There are 3 types of combos, master them, be able to wield them at your discretion then you’re in business my friend, instant ROI!

Ok, let’s begin…

Huge Hit Combo

Left, Right, Left – Most powerful 3 hit combo you can let off

Mega Hit Combo

Left, Left, Right, Right – Best 4 hit combo in your arsenal

Ultra Hit Combo

Left, Right, Up, Down, Left – When ever you pop in to a dizzy spell off a parry then the Ultra Hit Combo is what you need to be striving for. 5 hit spray built for melting health off a Titan.


On a block or dodge dizzy spell shoot for a Huge or Mega combo
When on a parry break shoot for an Ultra Combo
When in dual sword mode and you get off that first combo, just keep whipping that ass!

Infinity Blade 2 Cheats hack for iPhone & iPad – Money Hacks $100,000,000

Infinity Blade 2 Cheat Infinity Blade 2 Cheats hack for iPhone & iPad   Money Hacks $100,000,000

Please note that this will reset your saved game.

1. Download the file
2. SSH to var, mobie, applications, Infinity Blade 2, Documents, SAVE
3. Delete all the files in the “SAVE” folder
4. Copy and paste the files that you downloaded to the “SAVE” folder


Infinity Blade 2  hack file: Here MediaFire Infinity Blade 2 Hack

Note that if you want to keep your previous save (without any cheating), but want to play this cheat with new game. do the below steps:

1. move the two cheated saves onto desktop.
2. Rename “SwordSaveSlotX_0.bin” to “SwordSaveSlotX_1.bin”
3. Rename “SwordSaveX_0-0.bin” to “SwordSaveX_1-0.bin”
4. Place the two renamed saves into the SAVE directory just like cheating, but without deleting the original saves inside.
5. Open your game and you can find this save in “functions > setting (right upper corner, the gear icon) > character selection (don’t know if this name is right because I am using Chinese version, the second tag anyway) > second character.
6. If you have already created second character in the game, simply change the names of the cheated saves into “SwordSaveSlotX_2.bin” and “SwordSaveX_2-0.bin”, this will become the third slot in your character selection.


For those who cannot save using this method, this is actually caused by the game’s default saving directory.
Somehow some people like me have the game saving its saves both in “var/mobile” and “app/com.chairentertainment.IB2″. But the one in “com.chairentertainment.IB2″ overrides the saves in “var/mobile” directory so whenever you edit the saves in “var/mobile” it is not savable, and return to the savings in “app/com.chairentertainment.IB2″ whenever you reload the game.

So this is a very simple solution:
What you need: iExplorer (http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/), and USB cable

1. open iExplorer after you connect your iDevice into the computer
2. Turn iCloud off in the setting if you have iOS5 or above
3. you will see both “Root Directory” and “Apps” in your iDevice
4. In “Root Directory”, go to “var/mobile/Applications/A7B16C97-FC0A-4572-84C1-40B047C7FB47/Documents/SAVE” and delete all items insides. Return to Root
5. In “Apps”, go to “com.chairentertainment.IB2/Documents/SAVE” and delete all items inside. Stay in this folder.
6. copy the two cheated saves into this folder. Quit iExplorer
7. Done!



If this doesn’t work for you, check out the iFile version of the cheat:

If you have a “G184629″ instead of the SAVE folder. Go to Settings, iCloud, Documents & Data, then turn the “Documents & Data” off. Play the game once and now you should have the “SAVE” folder.